Room 205 News

Come learn about what we are exploring in our classroom.

Classroom Updates and Learning

It has been a busy and emotional week here in Kindercubs. Spring fever has sprung and the children are so excited to be outside. With the rainy days, we tried to use energy inside through movement and yoga. I can tell that some of them may be staying up due to spring activities or due to it being light out later. I would encourage you to stay to a consistent bed time if possible (I know this is hard...I am a parent too!). We continue to encourage the children to use their words when they are feeling sad, frustrated, happy, excited, etc. instead of tears, loud voices or bodies. Our room is a wealth of learning but it also very loud and energetic lately. We try to honor all of the learning and ideas as long as the children are safe.

We have learned about turtles, enjoyed our rhyming show and tell, finished visiting our future schools, and explored our school and classroom. We took a walk to the art show in the board office and also were able to look at a tortoise and a snapping turtle.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy spring in Michigan. Our district's SCAMP walk is this Sunday at Depot Park.

Upcoming Events

  • May 6: Dental Hygentist Visit
  • May 8: SCAMP Walk and Roll (a Clarkston community fundraiser)
  • May 25: No School for Young Fives. This is our orientation date for next year's students to visit.
  • May 27: No School
  • May 30: No School for Memorial Day

Room 205 Kindercubs

  • Sandi Larkins, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Lisa Smith, Instructional Aide
  • Donna Bassett, Instructional Aide

Donations Needed

  • Napkins for lunch and snack
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Black thin tip sharpie markers