Google Classroom

Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to maximize your use of Google Classroom

New to Google Classroom? Using Google Classroom but interested in a way to organize and be more effective to increase productivity? Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure success!

You can find the entire Google Slides presentation from the author Stephanie Sholtis, Technonlogy Integration Specialist, Brunswick Schools, at the following address...

1. Number assignments. Management tip to easily recognize each assignment and place in proper folder.

2.Assignment vs. Announcements. Make an assignment when students are to turn something in to you. Make an announcement for resources such as notes, videos, Google Forms and handouts.

3.Utilize share to classroom extension. Download extension from Chrome Web Store. Push out websites, files, and Google Forms quickly to students. What you push opens automatically in new tab on your students device. Saves time by automatically sending anything created through the extension to your students and creates an app for your Google Classroom.

4. Reuse Posts. Save time by reusing posts by editing or modifying announcements, assignments, or similar questions. Be sure to uncheck the box that says make new copies of all attachments.

5. Use Preview Mode in Google Drive. Quickly check is students in the class are getting the idea behind the assignment and quickly monitor student completion without reading entire assignment for each student.

6. Open a lot of student work at the same time. Tile view in Google Classroom allows you to open multiple student's work in multiple tabs all at once. Hold down Control key and click on each student's attachment.

7.Documenting the writing process/Allowing revisions. Make as assignment for each draft. Students submit each draft as a new assignment. Make a new assignment for each revision as well.

8. Student made a mistake but already submitted the assignment? Student can unsubmit work. Once students submit work in Google Classroom they lose all editing rights. Students can use the unsubmit button and fix the error and then submit the assignment.

9.Student Accommodations. You can privately email IEP students with a link to a differentiated assignment. You can also create multi-leveled assignments within the assignment and students can choose the correct level for their ability.

10. Take advantage of the add and create buttons. Use the Add button when a student has a file already crested in Google Drive and want to add it to an assignment. Use the Create button when the student needs to start a new Google Document and it automatically attaches and names the file for the assignment.