The Little Creepy Things Attack!

Happening at Glenridge Middle

Creepy Things!

Have you ever thought of spiders,ants or even lizards to be huge and scary beasts? Well, today is your lucky day (not) to experience the fear of these creatures at Glenridge Middle.

The Deadly Red Ant

This red ant can puncture his toxic, very posinous venom into your viens and kill you.

These Lizards Are Extremely Like Starfish They Can Regenerate Their Limbs.

These creepy lizards can eat you in one bite, crazy to think huh. Watch out if you're at Glenridge Middle School.

The Spiky Spider Will Come And Haunt You To DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!

These spiders are everywhere around G.M.S. and hang from trees, so watch out they are vicious!

The Giant Spider

This vicious giant spider can take off your leg. Better BEWARE!!

Your in for a scare.