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I'm so glad you found your way to my lesson page!

Welcome to my S’mores lesson page with art lessons and fun activities you can do at home. You will learn about a theme and create as many artworks as you wish!

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Making Monsters

This week, we will be using what we know about shapes and drawing to create a monster. You will also be using lines to create texture on your monster.

Texture is the way that something feels. You can make your monster look hairy, scaly, have bumpy skin, fluff, or look bald all by the way you use lines.

There are draw along sheets and videos to help you, or you can be totally creative on your own! Your monster can be 2-dimensional or 3 dimensional.

Great Ideas for your monster:

head- horns, antennae, 1 or more eyes, nose, beak, snout, mouth, tongue, teeth, lips, ears

body- long, short, round, thin, thick

arms and legs or tentacles, wings...

hands and feet- fingers and toes, claws, paws, crab claws,

TEXTURE- hairy, rough, furry, bald, scales, feathers, bumps

What your monster should NOT have:

Weapons, blood, or anything inappropriate

Using Lines for Visual Texture

Big picture

General Directions

All artwork can be drawn using any drawing utensil- pencil, crayon, marker - but a pencil is best to use first if you can.

Draw Large!!! Fill the space of your page, no matter the size.

Remember to DRAW LIGHTLY so you can erase if needed!!! Draw light 'til you get it right!

If you want to add color, use any medium you have at home- crayon, marker, paint, etc.

**Please use good craftsmanship when coloring! Color solidly and carefully.**

This week we are making Monsters.

Don't forget to send a picture of your artwork to Mrs. Fortune at

And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Easy Draw-Along Pages

More Monster Drawing Ideas

Draw Along Videos

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More Monster Inspiration!

Monster Book Read-Alouds!

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Don't forget to send a picture of your creations. I can't wait to see what you're making!

Dena Fortune, Art Specialist