May 2023

April Fiesta Days Rodeo Reading Challenge

We are wrapping up a month long reading challenge put on by Spanish Fork City. We have participated with all the elementary schools in Spanish Fork. We need all yellow reading calendars turned in Monday, May 1st. If your student lost the calendar, parents can make a new one and sign it. We want to record all the minutes read by Rees Eagles. Students that turn in the reading calendar are eligible to win rodeo tickets and prizes from SF City, as well as other prizes from the school on Wednesday, May 3rd. We need all calendars turned in tomorrow! Thanks for your support and hard work Eagles!

Registration is Now Open!

Online Registration opened today. We encourage you to register now for next school year. This helps us to have an enrollment count and to plan on how many teachers we need for next year. There is lots of growth happening in Rees boundaries currently. By registering now, you help us to be more prepared for next school year. If you need any help, please contact our office at

801-798-4055 or drop on in. Thanks for your help!


Student Information Requests for Next School Year

We have not had an official teacher request process for several years now at Rees. However, I do value parent feedback that may be beneficial in making student placements for next year. All Rees teachers are committed to student achievement, safety, and they care deeply for the success of each student. To add any concerns or feedback that will help make placements please email, call, or visit in person with me. You can email me at

Information to be Considered:

  • No Teacher requests
  • Student personalities and learning style
  • Academic and Social Needs (including peers to be separated from)
  • Anything else that pertains to success for your student

For your information, these are the teachers and their grade level assignment next year:

Kindergarten: Chidester, S. Memmott, A. Memmott, Anderson, Lockhart

First: Phillips, Marshall, Bond, Melton (Intern), Reynolds (Intern), New Hire TBA

Second: Darrington, Roberts, Putnam, Wilzbach, Watson, Hathaway

Third: Nixon, Painter, Harvey, Kelly

Fourth: Craig, Tew, Rawle, Howard (Intern)

Fifth: Beckham, Ekker, Elliott

Special Education: Orton (Resource), Hirst (EEC), Spresser (Preschool), Vance (Psychologist), Silva, Kelly, Clark (Speech)

Counselor: Cook

Special Note: Mrs. Searle will be retiring at the end of this year. She has been an amazing teacher for many years. Also, Mrs. Groneman will not be returning. She has a new career path ahead of her and she will be greatly missed as well. Mrs. Coley will be replacing her as the new facilitator at Rees.

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May 8-12

Rees PTA is sponsoring Teacher Appreciation Week with lots of good stuff for Rees Teachers and Staff. If you would like to help, contact our amazing PTA!

Stay in the loop!! Check out our Calendar

May 2- 5th Grade Track Meet @ SF High School

May 3- Rodeo Challenge Announcement

May 4- Mrs. Hirst Class Super Star Track Meet and Field Day

May 8-12th-Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8- 5th Grade Freedom Walk

May 9- Mrs. Hirst Class Fishing Day @ Salem Pond

May 11- SF Library Summer Program Assembly @ 1:00

May 12- Kindergarten Bounce House Day

May 16- Reading Carnival

May 17- Reading Carnival Parties

May 18- Last Day of Kindergarten and Preschool

May 18- AM Kinder Graduation @ 10:00/ PM Kinder Graduation @ 2:00

May 22- 3rd Grade Field Trip

May 22- 5th Grade Graduation @ 1:00

May 25- Last Day of School/Out @ NOON

2022-2023 Nebo Calendar

2023-2024 Nebo Calendar

Please subscribe to the Rees Schoolwide Google Calendar if you have not already. Be sure to check these calendars for the most up to date events all school year!

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