Cougar "Prints"

September 19

A Climate of High Expectations - Update

In PLCs the week of September 26, we will discuss for part of the time your thoughts related to the second correlate of effective schools (I have kept the link below in case you have not been able to review this yet, you don't have to read the entire document, just familiarize yourself with this correlate).

I am excited to hear your reflective thoughts about the High Expectations correlate at that time.

Larry Lezotte, former superintendent and education consultant extraordinaire, wrote the Correlates of Effective Schools, and his correlates have been used in research and scholarly work for decades. Every two weeks in PLCs, we will discuss a correlate each time and cover all 7 of the correlates by holiday break.

Teachers, use the link below to access the document we will use to review these correlates. In PLCs the week of Sept. 26, grade chairs, please plan on having approximately 10-15 minutes set aside for this discussion over "a climate of high expectations" (correlate #2). We will discuss these in more detail then.

If you would like, the document is only a few pages long for all of the correlates, and I invite a discussion anytime if you want to get ahead of the presented schedule. You know I love this stuff!

Dreambox Assignfocus!!

Remember back in April? Probably not, but we received an exciting email about how Dreambox will soon allow us to individualize assignments for students...Well here it is!

Walk-Throughs, PDPs, and First Round of Observations

BOY PDPs - These meetings must be completed by September 30th. Donna and I have sent emails to our individual people to schedule the meetings. Mine can be found on my door outside of my office.

Remember, two goals, one aligned with INSPIRE and the other with our SIP. The INSPIRE one will naturally align to our SIP. ASW people will have a third goal.

ALSO DURING THIS MEETING, please come prepared to complete your pre-conference for the first evaluation. Donna and I will send an additional email to those people so you know to prepare. We will also set the day for the observation. The observation does not need to be completed before September 30th.


Donna and I will be conducting informal walk-throughs in zones this week, and hopefully the district will provide the official walk-through soon. Remember, these are non-evaluative. For this week, Donna's zone will be the 3-5 building and Encore classes, and I will have K-2 and mobiles. Our goal is to be in our zones most of the time, but you will obviously see us around in other places.


Each week I would like to continue sending shout-outs about the staff. If you would like to recognize someone, just email me by the end of the work day Thursday of each week and I can include them for Monday's SMORE.

Shout-out to Monto, Phillips, Collins, Cabaniss, Hunter, Henry, Wilson, Pfeifer, Parker, Chambers, Graham, Nunes and Berger for your help with test administrations and proctoring! We couldn't do it without your supprot!

IMPORTANT DATES - Play Special Attention to 9-29-16 UPDATE

September 26 - Student of the Month

September 29 - 6-7:30pm - Title I Curriculum Night - Invitations out this week!

  • Admin will send home invitations to parents this week.
  • We will no longer have rotations.
  • Grade levels will have a presentation (modify from previous year) that focuses on STEM integration, PBLs, Standards Based Grading if applicable, PBIS, Show Title I video provided by Elana, PPT for Title I provided by admin. (if video doesn't suffice), Read to Achieve for Third Grade, etc.

  • We must have a sign in for each class that clearly indicate Presentation of Title I & SIP listed
  • Admin. will provide 1 pg. handout for SIP with Parent Rep. Votes/nominations to be filled out that evening by parents.

September 30 – Invest in Your Child (Money Collection Ends)

September 30 - PDPs are due with meeting