Point of View

Excelsior Springs, Missouri

I Believe

💡The performance you see from each team member is DIRECTLY related to how much you BELIEVE in that person. Basically, if I am on your team, and you don't believe me, I...will...know. And because you don't believe in me, I will never give my best...on YOUR team.

That is very important for every leader to understand. Most subpar performance that you see is rarely a capability issue; it's oftentimes a motivation issue. So, if you don't do anything else in 2022, please make it a priority to BELIEVE in whomever is on your team. Motivational Speaker Bryan Williams

January 17th - Clay County Vaccination Rate 63.9%

Monday - Martin Luther King Holiday; City Offices are Closed

Tuesday, 6PM - Council Meeting

Wednesday, 10AM - Hall of Waters Pre-Bid Meeting Walk-through; 11:30 AM - Chamber Lunch; Downtown Merchant Mingle @ Atlas

To Enhance the Quality for All...

If you could only pick one thing to focus on, what would you choose? I initially thought it should be customer service, but if you think about it, the right answer is to focus on your employees. Happy employees will take good care of your customers & are far more productive. We are in a tough job market. We compete with cities with larger budgets for a quality workforce. Our recently completed Compensation & Benefit Analysis supports increases in compensation to compete within the region & within our affordability. The City's health insurance strategy was credited for incentivizing the high deductible plan choice which is a more advantageous plan for employees & a lower cost plan for the city with an employer contribution to a health savings account. This strategy has reduced the cost to the city & employee compared to last year & reduced claims significantly compared to prior years. Compared to 50 city benefit plans evaluated in our region, "ES is at the top of the comparable market for single plans & upper half of the comparable market for family plans & needs to market this benefit package for applicants to understand its value. The retirement plan is one of the few benefits the public sector can offer its quality workforce that the private sector cannot."

Upcoming Agenda

City Council considers: appointment of Jason Van Till to Historic Preservation Commission (Realtor) & Julia Goldstein to Planning & Zoning Commission; purchase of 3 Police cars [Funding: PSST] & combination vacuum truck [Funding: Sewer Rates]; vacant property registry, a tool to address challenges of vacant & abandoned property impact on neighborhood; agreement with Excelsior Springs Hospital clarifying responsibility for City + ESH & Local match assurance for BRIC Grant; 2021 Budget amendment & Appropriations.

Key Project Updates

  • Following the 1st reading of ordinance to lift ban on Pit Bulls, several letters have been received both in support & opposition of the ordinance. We appreciate the respectful expression for both positions on this issue. We are planning a Listening Post to bring together both viewpoints in the near future. This provides council members a broad perspective to consider when the ordinance returns for a 2nd reading.
  • The 2020 Census showing a loss of over 500 people compared to the 2000 Census is under review. The process is to review housing database to ensure there are not any missing neighborhoods from which to request an accuracy review. Initial discovery is 530 people missing when just applying Census' formula for converting households to person count.
  • Bid Notice for work planned at the Hall of Waters. Looking for local electricians & plumbers to submit bids. Bid opening will be Feb. 1st at 3PM.
  • Community Development reports an increase in private construction activity with $5.3 Million in permit values for 1st quarter of the year. Commercial development currently in plan review represents 4 remodels & 6 new builds on west side & 6 developer conversations in downtown.
  • Canadian Pacific announced merger with KC Southern. KCS's market is between KC south to Mexico, & CP's market is from KC north to Canada. The merger is expected to increase train traffic by 14 trains/day through town. We are in conversations with CP to consider ways to lessen the impacts, encouraging improvements to facilitate pedestrian access at underpasses & accommodations for emergency vehicles.

Choose Your Attitude!

"It's a great picturesque small town! Downtown main street (Broadway) is filled with small businesses & murals to take pictures in front of. The people you meet on the streets are so friendly & willing to help locals & tourists find their way. Now every small town has its challenges, but during Christmas season we all rally for the parade & events throughout town. Excelsior Springs Missouri is a fantastic town & am proud to represent it as my hometown!" Found on niche.com