Josh Dowd


1.) What causes it? recent research shows that the cause of dyslexia lies in the brain.

2.) How does it affect someone's body and mind? dyslexia affects reading, it will mix up the words of the reader and totally mess up there brain while reading.

3.) Can it be cured, or are their treatments that can help alleviate the symptom's? it cannot be cured, the more they read the better they will get. they can sort of overcome dyslexia but not get rid of it.

4.) What sort of adaptations/changes can be made to the environment to help someone with this disability? They can read more it will help them.

5.) What recent strides have been made in the research and awareness of this disability? North Carolina recently had a big walk/fund for dyslexia. Other states have had 5ks and stuff like that.

6.) Give an interesting fact about this disability? Dyslexia is a common problem, according to a Yale study one out of five people suffer with dyslexia.

7.) Give the names of the websites you used.

(strides for dyslexia)

(pgs.org all about dyslexia)