Cameron Pike

All About The American Revolution

---Table Of Contents---

Chapter 1: All about the American Revolution --All about--

Chapter 2: All about the Boston Massacre --All about--

Chapter 3: Mini Story --Mini Story--

Chapter 4: Boston Massacre --Essay--

Chapter 5: All about a life of a patriot --All about--

---------____THE BOSTON MASSACRE____--------

The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre is important to the American Revolution because 5 people died and 9 others were injured for no reason? The Boston Massacre started because of a kid throwing sticks and snowballs at a British guard and ended up with 5 people dead and 9 injured. Sam Adams got everyone riled up for nothing when it wasn't even a Massacre. Sam Adams told everyone it was a Massacre when it wasn't in his speech only 5 people died It was the first time the British solider's got punished when the judges of the court heard about the "Massacre" the British guards got punished and got there thumbs branded.
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