How I Dropped From 278 to 143 Pound

Read How This Fat Burning Tea Trick Changed My Life Forever

55th Birthday - Smiling To Hide My Pain 🥺

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My Marriage Was Falling Apart - Something Had To Change!

It's still a painful memory. But looking back, I'm so thankful for it. Because I FINALLY found the courage to get my weight issues under control.

The story, in a nutshell:

My husband planned a family vacation in Florida to celebrate my 55th birthday.

Of course I was happy but secretly dreading how I'd look in a swimsuit. 'Beached Whale' came to mind.

At the pool it felt like all eyes were on me. For the WRONG reasons.

And it seemed like hubby's eyes were on everybody BUT me. Sure, the young girls were flaunting their youthful figures.

But what really made me seethe with jealousy were the 'mature' women, looking so sexy in their revealing bikinis. Those were the ones that really turned hubby's head.

It hurt so bad but who could blame him?

Everything he used to love about me was gone. The youthful figure, the bubbly, radiant smile, the optimism, the energy.

And, yes, the libido. Yep. 'Beached Whale.'

It should have been a vacation to remember. Instead, I spent nights crying myself to sleep.

I Hit Rock Bottom

The worst part - I'd tried so hard in the past to get back into shape.

It was the same old story over and over. The flab didn’t budge. Lose one inch, gain two.

And YES, I was secretly jealous of friends who stayed slim with diet and exercise. If they did it, why couldn’t I?

This went on for YEARS! As time flew by I realized my failure to slim down was affecting so many important parts of my life:

  • My Marriage (Zero Intimacy)
  • My Health (Joint Pain, Insulin Resistance)
  • My Self-Confidence (Or Lack Of)
  • ​My Energy (Constant Exhaustion)
  • ​My State of Mind (Depression)

It was especially hard after trying (and failing) so many fad diets and 'scientific' cures and celebrity exercise routines. We've all been there, right?

✔️Intermittent Fasting




Add to that the sweat factor:

✔️Power Yoga




"It Wasn't My Fault!"

After the cringe vacation in Florida, I knew something had to change. Einstein's definition of crazy came to mind. "Trying the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome."

Every time I went to the doctor, she'd recommend 'this cure' or 'that diet'.

But hey! She was chubbier than me! Why was I taking advice from her?

We’ve all heard how our intuition never lies. And that still, small voice told me that metabolism was the key. Turned out, I was right!

I finally visited a nutritionist. After a short examination she told me what I already knew.

"Susan," she said. "It's not your fault."

I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. Tears streamed down as she explained the vital role high metabolism plays in controlling weight.

Some have it naturally. Most of us don't. Especially after a certain age.

She told me about an unusual, 10-second ‘tea technique’ that ignites metabolism and burns calories like crazy!

Talk about an AHAAA moment. It made so much sense. After years of frustration and failure, I figured out the REAL reason why the stubborn pounds weren’t staying off.

Once I saw the light it all seemed so easy!

And it became obvious how so many of us are duped by the billion dollar diet industry.

Intuition told me this was the key I’d been looking for. So I tried this 10-second tea technique.

And sure enough, I was soon shedding dress sizes!

The New Me

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I Look And Feel 20 Years Younger!

After a few weeks of this secret, natural morning tea ritual, it was like the clock turned backwards. My natural energy and confidence returned.

The plus-size jeans went into storage as I pulled out smaller sizes almost every week.

My husband can't take his eyes off me - and we'll soon be returning to Florida, this time by ourselves! 😍

The extra benefits are just as great:

✔️I eat what I want, when I want

✔️The constant cravings are gone

✔️I don’t ‘have’ to exercise. I do it if and when I want to

✔️More energy. I feel 20 years younger

✔️The confidence that comes with looking my best

✔️Compliments from friends AND strangers❤️

The bottom line about this simple, 10-second tea technique is that weight control has little to do with:

✔️Starvation diets or giving up our favorite foods

✔️Hours, days, weeks, months of exercise

✔️Cutting out sugar and ‘bad’ carbs

Thanks To This 'Tea Technique' I Look And Feel Like The Real Me Again!

The "Real Me!"😊

When I first heard about this unusual tea technique it sounded too good to be true. But thankfully, I listened to that still, small voice.

And though many are envious, those who matter LOVE having the real me back.

All because of an easy, morning tea technique - a secret, science-backed method that's changed my life.

I want to pass this secret on to as many as possible. So tap on the link below to learn more about this amazing tea technique.

And act quickly. There's talk of a lawsuit by some big 'health' company. They want us to keep buying expensive diet plans that don't do anything but line their corporate pockets.

So don't hesitate. Learn how this tea technique is changing lives!