Kindness can go a long way

Carter Beck periods 2-3

Analysis of the development of theme

I think that the theme is that small acts of kindness can go a long way. Because if Max wouldn't have showed kindness and helped Loretta, she could have died. Or if Max wouldn't have grabbed the ornthopper out of the tree Freak and Max have become friends. When Freak says on page 9. Then die, earthling die! Max could have just left him alone when Freak said that. In the story the millpond and Tony d influence Max to carry Freak across the millpond.

Reflection and application of theme

The theme was developed well. I agree that anyone can be nice. Just in the first little bit the theme was introduced. I think this applies to my generation because everyone can be a little nicer. Also kindness can go a long way.

Visual representations of theme

Summary of text

Freak the mighty is a book about friendship and kindness and lots of other things. Both Freak and Max have disiblities. But that doesn't stop them from going on quests and adventures. Even walking across a millpond. But that's not just it. They do tons more than just that. So read Freak the mighty.

Rodman Philbrick

Rodman Philbrick was born in 1951. For many years he wrote suspense and thriller books. Then later he decided to write a young adult book. he wrote freak the mighty. But he did come out with other books to. Like a sequel to freak the mighty. His two most selling books are freak the mighty and max the mighty. But he did get the most awards for freak the mighty.