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October 1, 2020

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From Melissa Williams-Scott, Ed. D.

Teaching is never an easy job. This year that is an understatement. Yet as we watch GatorNation navigate the murky waters of 2020, we have seen fantastic growth in everyone. Watching teachers grow, knowing your struggles and feeling your pain-points as well as being given your trust to assist, has been an honor for Our Team. There are few words to say other than, We are not surprised at what you have accomplished but we are very impressed with your growth, and excited to see what the future holds for our students and staff as these new ways of teaching and learning become a little more the norm and a little less of a struggle. Thank you for allowing us to stay on this airboat through the swamp with you.

Cybersecurity Training from KnowBe4

All district employees have been enrolled in the mandatory Security Awareness Training provided by KnowB4. It is important that you complete this training with fidelity before the deadline indicated in the email you received.

Simulated phishing tests will be sent out regularly so you can continue to practice the skills you learn through the trainings. Be on the lookout for these phishing emails in your inbox!

Thank you for completing your assigned security training and for doing your part to keep our organizatiion safe from cybercrime!

Google Classroom Best Practices

What We've Found

Your teacher content is PHENOMENAL! Let's follow a few guidelines for consistency across the district. Parents may have students in different grade levels, and while your awesome content should be uniquely you, a few guidelines will make a big difference for our learners and their families. Learn more at

  1. Keep attendance procedures pinned as a topic to the very top of the Classwork tab
  2. Post any Zoom or Meeting information as a topic under that. Include the days & times in the topic for easy access with any links needed to join.
  3. Create a Daily Topic so that students know what they need to be working on each day. Need help managing Topics? Watch this:
  4. Include an Agenda or To Do List for Every Day with some basic expectations. A copy can be made from:,
    Feel free to use & create your own!

Things to Know