Ellen Lee DeGeneres

By Grace Garcia Room 310

Ellen Lee DeGeneres

Lifespan: Ellen's life has been wonderful because she has been in many movies and has her own show. She was happy that she reached her goal. A lot of people thought that she was not able to have her own comedy show. Later in the future she got her dream show and proved everyone wrong.

Childhood: Ellen’s parents got divorced. She wanted to have her own show. People thought that she could never have her own comedy show. She had to move to places a lot because her mom wanted to stay away from her dad. She works hard to prove people wrong about what they think of her.

Education: Ellen went to the University of New Orleans. After one year there she left the school. When she left the school she went to work in a law firm. She went to school and the law firm so she can be a comedian. That was her dream but she worked as other things to earn money like a waitress.

Family: Ellen’s mother got married twice. Her brother , Vance, was famous for creating the play-doh character Mr. Bill. Many people thought that Vance was the most funny family member in the DeGeneres family. Her mother, Betty, worked as a administrative assistant and her father was an insurance salesman.

Career: Ellen had many jobs before having her own show. Those jobs were a waitress, clothing store, selling vacuum cleaners, and `painting houses. She did have a comedy show. She loved having her own show. Her comedy show was so popular that she was invited to play the part as Dori from the movie Finding Nemo.

Accomplishments: Ellen achieved her goal of having her own comedy show. She wanted to tell everyone who dowted her that they were wrong. The money that she gets, she sometimes use the money to buy things for people and not for herself all the time.


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