De Leon Dies!

Juan Ponce De Leon dies horrible Death!


Born in spain at probably 1460. Got money delivering messages and packages Fought muslims out of Spain.
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Voyage to the New world before death at year 1493

He sailed with columbus on his second voyage and headed to Hispaniola (his-pan-ee-OH-luh). Instead of returning to Spain, he stayed at Hispaniola to lead the defeat of the native Americans. The voyage was sponsored by King Ferdinand.
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After defeat of the natives.

He became governor of of the province for his accomplishment. " I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity and I will take it. I shall continue to serve their royal throne for all of Spain!" De leon said. He was also given permission to explore Puerto Rico because he heard stories about gold was flourishing there.

Fountain of Youth

After taking over Puerto Rico, he heard about the fountain of youth from an island native. He said " if you drink the water from this fountain, you will receive eternal life. He readyed his men and headed for Bimini which was was where the this " Fountain of Youth .
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He search for the island of Bimini , instead he found Florida. He claimed it for Spain and searched again for the island of Bimini. He failed again then he returned to Florida where they fought against island natives and he gets shot at the knee. He returned to Puerto Rico Where he died. buried at San Juan.


  • Found Florida and claimed it for Spain.
  • Became governor of 2 places!