Pet Peeves

Jasmine Soto

"Hands Off"

There's always that one person you're friends with who constantly just touches you while talking.. tapping on you, nudging on you, and putting their hand on your shoulder. It bothers you more than anything in the world.

Sometimes these kinds of touchy people can do bad..

They spread germs with every single tap on a shoulder. These germs can possibly land you with a dangerous disease. A lot of diseases can lay dormant for years before they show symptoms, the "touchy person" may not know they have it and has given it to so many people already.

Keep touching to a minimum with your close friends...

Or don't touch each other at all!

The Spread of Germs

Germs are a big deal in the current times. So many people don't realize how much of a big deal it is, even though it is so bad it can kill people.

So many germs and bacteria are already on your skin, adding more might not help anything.