The Best Town

A Town Beautified By God

This place has been gifted to us by God with weather that is close to perfect. The summers are not as hot as Spain and the winters aren't as harsh as England's either and both are fairly short. The two longest seasons are spring and harvest and are by far the most pleasant and most beautiful.
There is an abundance of food from the different array of fish in our rivers such as trouts, herring and so much more as well as birds of all sorts with enough meat for our men to live off of. So be not discouraged by the prospect of starvation because meat is plentiful.

Fear Not Death

Many people have died with us but it has been because of their own uncleanliness and interactions with sick people and now there aren't many sick people with us right now. In England, there is double and maybe even triple the amount of death there is here In Jamestown.