JD's Space Travel Agency ®™

By: Jared DeBaker

Take a Trip to Space, and We'll put a smile on your Face

JD's Space Travel Agency ® ™

Come visit us for a once and a life time experience. A vacation and tour to space!!! For only 90,000 dollars per person you can spend a week in Space! By doing this you can visit the Milky Ways most prominent landmarks in our Galaxy. Meanwhile if you want to take a trip throughout other galaxy's other than the Milky way pay 110,000 per person for a week in space. See Space like never before. Live Edwin Hubble's Space images of our galaxy literally. With your money you get to be toured on your own space ship with a Master Bedroom and on Suite. We will also serve you complementary meals. Come in June and receive 25 percent off all trips. Experience anti-gravity and all of the amazing things found in space. Come to JD's Space Travel Agency today!!!!

Now See some of Our most Popular Tourist Attractions

Types of Galaxy's that can be visited On Select Trips

Types of Nebula's that can be visited on Select Trips

Star Clusters found in the Universe

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Globular Stars

These stars are the older of the two types of star clusters. Globular star clusters are densely packed. A good example of a globular cluster is located is the upper left picture. Globular Star clusters are a truly desirable place to visit in space.

Open Clusters

Open Clusters are younger star clusters. A good example can be found above in the upper right. These are area in which many stars are beginning to form in one big area. It is a marvelous sight to see. These stars are very bright and plentiful. It is rated as a must see.
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Stars that are created after a Super Nova

A Super Nova is a super massive explosion that occurs at the end of a stars life. Super Nova's are known to create Black Holes and Neutron Stars.

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