My Secret War

By: Isabella Cinelli

About My Secret War

My Secret War takes place in World War 2, when Germans where trying to invade America. While all different and more restrictive laws being put out for more peoples freedom. Some laws were you need to be in by night, so you can't be out on the beach after dark. One young girl named Madeline Beck was quite brave and saying from the point of view that this is also her diary made in Long Island, New York, 1941.

World War 2

This war can be described as a waiting game, as the American soldiers wait until the Germans decide to attack. But when Madeline and her boyfriend Johnny find a box full of a bunch of German tools. Freaked out Her and Johnny decided to call the FBI. Good thing to because shortly after that that the FBI caught two German invaders. BUt now worrying that there will be more.

Madeline Beck and Johnny

Madeline and Johnny were dating, but acted more like best friends most of the time. THey started the kids military protection club. Where kids would come and help the military without having to be in the military or being 18 and older. This is only part of it but when Madeline finds out her dad has been injured she gives him the cold shoulder.