Sia Reveals Drug Addiction

caused by her depressing past...

Sia is a famous Pop artist, thanks to "Chandelier."

In 2010, Sia wrote a suicide letter, thinking harshly of herself of her overdosing alcohol and pill addictions. Chandelier also has some content that suggest alcohol use.
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Sia - Chandelier (OFFICIAL LYRICS) HD

Chandelier shows the chorus, which describes a time when Sia loses count of how many drinks of alcohol she's had...

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Above photo...

Displays Maddie Zeigler, posing as Sia, since Sia refuses to show her face.
Sia - Elastic Heart (lyrics)

Above video, shows The Weeknd singing a part of Elastic heart, in which can portray times when Sia would overdose, then later feel like she can get through anything, and then a crashdown can be implied from the line "Then another one bites the dust."

Poster Made By: Amber Rae