FDR for the Win!

FDR for President!

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The New Deal

This program help get people to be working again and get more people money. It help people to have money to put food on the table for themselves and their family.

Promise to keep us out of war.

People didn't want to go to war when everyone was struggling to have enough money for themselves.

The Second New Deal

People were still struggling to get by during the Great Depression and the FIrst New Deal help a lot with that. But the Second New Deal should help even more people get jobs and have food. There was a Work Progress program that took young men a gave them a place to stay, have food and send the money back that they were making to their family.

Neutrality Act

He wanted Congress to repeal this act because it hurting the U.S. instead of helping it.

The Lend Lease Act

It was a way to lend supplies to countries that were helping protecting the U.S.