West Utica Weekly Update

Week of 5/31 - 6/3

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Letter of Appreciation

Dear Parents,

We have 9 more days in this school year. I am thankful for all the accomplishments we made this school year. Our students were able to attend school all year without any interruptions. Students made great academic gains this school year in their core content areas. Throughout the year we focused on social emotional skills. Students were able to identify their emotions and develop strategies to regulate their emotions. I believe we are gaining momentum and getting back to normal. We are stronger together as a community and can recover and learn from every experience in life.

Our nation experienced another sad tragedy involving children. I am sad that lives were lost as a result of this senseless tragedy. Our Superintendent shared in his letter to the community that student safety is and will remain our top priority for Utica Community Schools. Mr. Monroe shared that our partnership with local law enforcements reflects ongoing review and strengthening of our protocols. Schools will have additional police presence at our school. When these incidents occur, our schools are centers of stability and routine where we can proactivity work with children to help through any issues they may be experiencing.

Thank you for your support this year with words of encouragement, flowers and gift cards throughout this school year. As a building administrator I am only as strong as my community. I could not do this work without your support.

Important Updates

  • All 1st grade and 6th grade technology will be collected on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Please be sure to send students with their technology.
  • Check PowerSchool for fees assessed due to damaged technology
  • Half Days June 9 and June 10
  • Continue to encourage positive student behavior on the bus
  • Elementary Field Day is June 2, 2021 (K-3)
  • Upper Elementary Field Day (4th -6th grade) June 6 and June 7

UCS Podcast

We are excited to announce the first release in a new podcast series, UCS Podcademy. Available in both video and audio-only formats at [Uticak12.org/podcademy]Uticak12.org/podcademy, this podcast is for anyone who has ever wanted to know about the ins and outs of education with stories that go behind the scenes of operating a public school district. Bring your curiosity to conversations surrounding Michigan’s second largest school district, Utica Community Schools.

In the inaugural episode of the podcast series, Eisenhower student council advisor and activities director, Amber Bronson, is interviewed by Stevenson senior, Noah DiGiovanni. Titled, ‘Prepping for Prom,’ this episode highlights all the planning that goes into setting the stage for the perfect high school prom, as well as what happens when things don't go as planned.

Future episodes will cover topics such as transportation, graduation and the School-to-Work program. We invite you to share your topic ideas with us as well – please send them via email to Jennifer.Swanchara@Uticak12.org.

Monday Moments

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