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I really enjoy having fun everyday.

10 Rules for My Utopian Society

1. Only the police force and military are allowed to use firearms. No citizen may own or use a firearm.

2. The police need a warrant to search or seize any of a person’s private property.

3. Because we are a communist dictatorship, everyone will receive the same amount of money every month (amount can change depending on cost of living, and amount of family members), once an individual marries, they will receive a house, two cars, and a job.

4. Once an individual reaches the age of one, they will be required to attend a government-funded school, and will be required to stay in school until they are 21.

5. Once an individual reaches the age of 70, they will be put into a assisted living facility until they die.

6. Murder in any form or fashion, besides self-defense, is illegal and punishable by life in prison. Our Supreme Court judges will determine between what is self-defense and what is murder.

7. Treason is punishable by life in prison. Treason is any actions or attempted actions that betray ones country (For example: leaking sensitive information, attempting to kill the king, or attempting to overthrow the government) or have intent to betray ones country.

8. All types of drugs and alcohol are allowed, however the government will not provide medical assistance to anyone with drug related injuries or addictions.

9. The King’s words overrule all rules in our society, and everyone must follow anything the King says or writes. As well, any and all rules do not apply to the King.

10. The King rules until death. He is chosen by flipping a coin to pick between two people who were chosen by the people in an open election by their respective political parties. There are two possible parties that can be chosen from, the Red party and the Blue party. Everyone over the age of 21 is required by law to vote.

Blog Post- Ideals of Freedom

In the United States of America, as citizens, we have many freedoms. For example, we have the freedom of speech and religion. We also have the freedom of the press, of assembly, and many more. In fact, it says in the bill of rights that we have the right to enjoy many other freedoms. It says this because there are many other freedoms not listed in the Bill of Rights that Americans should be able to enjoy. For example, we have the freedom to live or travel anywhere in our nation, the freedom to marry and raise a family, the freedom to receive a free education, and many more. Personally, I really enjoy the freedom to travel anywhere in our nation because I like to see and experience different locations, and the ability to visit my family and relatives that live in other states. I also enjoy the freedom of speech, because after reading some of the book, 1984 by George Orwell, life seems very stressful when ones vocabulary is severely restricted. Now, when some citizens in a civilization have more freedoms than others, eventually the citizens with fewer freedoms will attempt to stand up for themselves and try to get the freedoms that others have that they do not have for themselves. This is not good for the civilization because war will probably follow as the freedom full citizens try to protect their freedoms and keep the country the way it is, while the freedom less citizens try to gain more freedoms that they feel they deserve by destroying the civilization and rebuilding a new one that fits their standards of freedom for everyone. This has happened in history many times before. This is almost exactly how the United States was formed. The British were suppressing the colonists’ freedom so the colonists decided they wanted to change the rules and live under their own rules in their own country apart from Great Britain. When some citizens decide that they are better and deserve more freedoms than other citizens, I think that civilization is bound to change or be changed into possibly a whole different type of civilization.

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New Ending to Chapter One

It was after twenty-two hours when he got back to the flat. Winston opened his door and walked into his small apartment. Winston blinked a couple times and was surprised at how dark his room was, it had never been like that before. He shivered as he entered his room. Winston was surprised because it was not cold and there was no real reason to shiver, except maybe for the uneasy feeling he had in his gut. Immediately he finds himself checking the drawer for his diary, and making sure that the hair he had place on it was still there. He sighed a sign of relief when he found the diary exactly as he read it. Now he felt more secure, but he could tell something was still wrong. The Thought Police always come in the middle of the night, Winston thought, but there’s no way they figured me out so soon, I know that every single person that commits thought crime gets revealed, but still, not tonight. Winston walks over to the entrance to his room again. After a few moments to conquer up his courage, he wraps his had around the wall and feels for the light switch. He flicks it on, but nothing happens. No Thought Police come jumping from the closet or under his bed. He is fine. He is safe, for now at least. Now I understand why some of the people who commit thought crime commit suicide, Winston thinks to himself. As Winston relaxes he takes off his clothes, flicks off the light, and crawls into bed. Immediately he feels like he made a mistake, but Winston thinks it has to do with something that day, or at least that is what he tells himself. Seconds before Winston drifts away into his sleep, he feels a sharp pain in his neck, almost like a needle, he tries to move away towards the light switch, but something, someone, some people are holding him down. And that’s all he remembers.

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