Samuel Adams

By: Mckenzie Robbins and Ashley Eglaus

Getting to know Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was one of the twelve children of Mary Fifield and his father (Samuel was named after his father) Samuel Adams. Samuel Adams was born September 27, 1722 in Boston Massachusetts. His mother and his father were both upper class people and had their own company.He graduated from Harvard College, got his Master Degree of Arts. Three years later he try to study law but end up not finishing. His father had a brewery company and property and soon past it on to Samuel. He ended up going into debt. He ended up relying on his friend to provide for his family. Samuel also helped his father in the family malt house, and he took over the family business interests upon his father death in 1748.He worked as a tax collector in Boston, but he mismanaged funds and had to pay the difference when his accounts came up short.

The Life Of Samuel Adams

What Samuel Adams did after the War.

Samuel Adams would write articles and used false names. He signed The Declaration of Independence. He also wrote essays about Political ideas for the colonies. And got selected to repress Massachusetts at the Frist Continental Congress in 1774. Samuel Adams also helped plan the protest for the Boston Tea Party.

Some More Facts

Samuel Adams died October 2, 1803 at age 81. He buried him in Boston Massachusetts.