Where I Stand

Erika Tworzyanski

Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

There is a lot of urbanization happening in little towns and cities all over Ontario. The population is growing, which means more houses and buildings have to be built to accommodate all these people. With more houses being built and more buildings and factories being made, they are being built on valuable farmland. Contractors are offering these farmers, who have had their land in their family for generations, millions of dollars to buy their land and develop it. This is decreasing the amount of farmland in Ontario. It decreases the amount of Ontario food and meat production. Many people, including my friends and family enjoy going on those long car rides through rural areas because they love the sight of the beautiful land. Urban places are taking over the wonderful original Ontario farmland. This is ruining the amount of local food production and destroying the true Ontario land. Having local food production supports your community, makes you eat seasonally fresh foods and keeps the farms running. If no one bought the local food then the farmers will not have the support to keep on producing their foods. They will be forced to sell, most likely to developers. I believe that farms in Ontario should be protected. The development should slow down and be spread out in many areas and not be concentrated in small pockets of towns and cities.
The Process of Farmland Being Developed


Transportation service in Ontario is well developed. There are railways that travel in northern Ontario and there are trains that travel outside of Ontario to other places such as Montreal. There are also buses that travel up north and out of the province. Ontario Northland is a transportation service that runs all over Ontario. It starts in Toronto and travels to many places such as Timmins, Hearst, Barrie, Cobalt, Moonsonee and more. Many of my family members and neighbours have used Ontario Northland transportation when going up north for business, to a cottage or visiting a friend. It is cheaper than buying a plane ticket and saves you from possibly driving in bad weather. It is very efficient with the established railways and bus routes. It helps people in Ontario get around in a way where they can see everything their province has to offer. Ontario Northland should be taken care of and continue to be used by the citizens of Ontario.


There are a lot of issues in Ontario concerning the environment. There are problems concerning the lakes and the emission build up in the atmosphere. There are a lot of lakes in Ontario, each of these lakes have boats that are used. With all these boats putting harmful gases into the waters they are contaminating the water that many use to drink and cook with. They are also contaminating the waters that wild life live in and use to drink. Having all these harmful toxins are in the lakes can not only affect one person but many. There has to be a limit about the amount of boating in our provincial lakes. The environment is not only being damaged in the water but it also is in the atmosphere. In Ontario, there are a lot of cars, buses and trains taken everyday. All these ways to get around are doing good to the people using them but harms the environment. All the terrible emissions that the automobiles are giving off go up into the atmosphere which makes it thicker, causing the greenhouse affect. This is what makes the Earth warmer and sometimes makes it too hot. Everyone should make an effort to reduce the use of harmful emissions by doing simple things like walking, biking, carpooling and many more. Many may think that one will not make a difference but if one makes an effort to change many others will follow.