Mrs. Nelson's First Grade News

February 16, 2016

In the Classroom

it's a great week in first grade! We are learning about some of our favorite presidents! We are learning the importance of President's Day and focusing on George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama.

Here are some important things to know this week:

Jump Rope for Heart continues until March 4th. You can also raise money online by visiting or by using the free app Jump/Hoops. If your child raises $100 or more they receive a free 1-hour pass to Sky Zone in addition to their other prizes!

Yearbooks are a great way to look back at fond memories of the year! There are only a few more weeks until the deadline. You can order online at and follow the directions. It will ask you which school you want to order from and then take you to the correct school site. For any questions about the yearbook contact

Please continue to send in Box Tops! February 25th is the last day for our contest. The class who has the most box tops wins a party!

Learning This Week

Word Work- This week's sight words are: about, him, off, stop, them. This week's word pattern is -op (stop, hop, mop, top, flop, etc.)

Reading- This week students will use learn about different reasons an author writes. Authors write to entertain, inform, and persuade their readers. By the end of first grade, students should be able to determine if a story is written to entertain or inform.

Writing- This week students will begin exploring opinion writing. Students are thinking about their opinions and expressing them through writing. By the end of first grade, students should be able to write opinion pieces with an introduction to the topic, an opinion, reasons for the opinion, and a closure.

Math- Students will begin exploring graphs and charts. We will learn how to collect, organize, and report data using graphs and charts. By the end of first grade, students should be able to organize, represent, and interpret data with 3 or more categories, and ask and answer questions about the total number of data points.

Science- This week students will learn about some of our favorite and most important presidents.

Counting by fives helps us quickly count to 100!


Last week's class attendance: 89.30%

Our attendance goal for Sweeny is 96% or higher attendance. In our classroom, we are trying to earn an attendance celebration. Every day that we have 100% attendance we earn a letter. When we spell "perfect attendance," we will celebrate! "If you're not at school, you're not learning!"
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Upcoming Events

February 25- Last Day for Box Top Contest

March 7-11- Spring Break

Now-February 25th- Box Top Contest (Send in your box tops to earn money for our school!)

Monday is always spirit day! Wear your black and orange!

Have a great week!