Paul revere's ride

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

poetry terms of use in "Paul Revere's ride"

Narrative poetry: Is when poem tells story, the poem is a narrative because it tales the story of revere's ride EX: "... and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul revere..." (long fellow stanza 1)

End rhyme: rhyme at end of the poem or narrative, Paul reveres ride has rhyme at the end of each sentence,


"...and with muffled oar (A)
...Charleston shore (B)
...over the bay (A)
...he mornings lay" (B)

Rhyme scheme: The order of the rhyming, in this poem it it varies
EX: AABB ( As seen above)
(setting takes place in 18th of April 1775)

COMPARRISON POEM: The cremation of Sam mcGee

  1. They both show rhyme and rhyme scheme; in Sam McGee the rhyme scheme is ABCB.
  2. It is also a narrative poem like Paul reveres ride.

1. EX: " ... in the morning sun (A)

...moil for gold (B)

... their secret scales (C)

...blood run cold" (B)