My Field Trip

We went to the Pavek and Bakken museum

Bakken Museum

The 1st museum we went to was the Bakken museum and we did a lot of cool stuff. One of the things we did was put some magnet on a TV and tested how far away they could go and still make a light on the TV. If you put a magnet on the TV it makes a lot of rainbow colors on the screen. P.S. Don't try it at home unless you want to ruin you TV. We also had cards and we had to decide if they were true or false and then we did tests to see if we were right.

Pavek Museum

The 2nd museum we went to was the Pavek Museum and it was awesome. One thing we did was play a game show and it was just like a real one. we also went into this room and did a radio show. We each got a part and said lines from a sheet of paper. It was so fun. In the end we got to play a theraman which is an instrument you play by waving your hands around it. We watched a video with a theraman in it.