Madame cj walker

By:Anijah king


Madam cj walker was born december,1867 and died may,1919


At the age of six sarah's parents died then she moved to vicksburg to live with her sister louvini and to work as a house maid she worked from the time she was young,extremely poor, and had little oppurtunity to get an education


Madam cj walker was an orphan by the age of seven and worked in cotton fields to survive.She later married but soon after her husband died, she was left as a single parent of a two-year old daughter


Madam cj walker, was an African-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a politicial and social activist


Madam cj walker daughter was A'lelia walker,Minerva breedlove,Charles joseph walker,Owen breedlove,Moses McWilliams (Madam cj walkers real name was sarah breedlove)


African-American billionare,Succeded in her hair products