Fall/November 2021 Newsletter

Our Purpose

The purpose of PCTA's FPTO is to support parents, students, teachers, and the school community at large. This group of dedicated parents are a resource for all. We are creating ways to enhance engagement and connection with parents, and to support student growth and potential. We will provide feedback when necessary, organize fundraising efforts, support the educational goals of the school, and promote programs, projects, and events that enrich students' curriculum and personal development.


We are a team of dedicated teachers, staff, and parents. Our families have students representing the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes.


Beth O'Day-Hall, PCTA's Community Specialist

Phidias Mendez, Creative Technology Specialist

Sarah O'Reilly, French Teacher


  • Fabiola De La Cruz
  • Heather Heitmueller
  • Consuela Hernandez
  • Hanoi Hernandez
  • Zully Mendez
  • Margaret Mian
  • Heydi Morales
  • Veronica Morales
  • Blanca Orellana
  • Clara Perez
  • Shantty Rodriguez
  • Zunilda Rosario
  • Rosmery Santos
  • Manuel Secaida
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The Way Back to Normalcy

These past 18 months have been challenging for everyone. When school started in September full time and with in person instruction, we knew there would be some difficulties returning to quasi normality. While there have been challenges with students getting back to a routine, getting to school on time, or learning that absences are now being looked at very closely, there are so many positives that are being reported by teachers. There's an increase in classroom engagement and participation and our Math coach, William Graves, reports that many students' STAR MATH scores have increased from the previous school year. Currently, PCTA has the 2nd highest MATH proficiency among the middle and high schools in the district.

To keep everyone safe whether you've been vaccinated or not, we still hold to a mask mandate for everyone. These measures are to ensure the safety for all. A special thanks to the outstanding custodial crew at PCTA. They are working day and night to keep all surfaces clean.

Resources and Links

One of our FPTO members, Heather Heitmueller, is also a representative for PCTA on the Parent Advisory Council for the district. This district wide organization is to ensure that parents have an organized voice in the district and that each school has representation and access to the resources provided by the district. Parents are involved in decision making processes and concerns and issues can be communicated, addressed, and resolved before the school board. Below are a few links for each of access to information.

Skyward: https://skyward

PCTA calendar:

Providence Pubic School Department:

Naviance (used during advisory period on Wednesdays to help students with career and college readiness)


Parent-Teacher Conference

March 14, 2022


PCTA Fieldhouse

More information to follow on how to register

Thanksgiving Recess: Wednesday, November 24-Friday, November 26

Holiday Recess: Thursday, December 23-Friday, December 31

Martin Luther King Day: Monday, January 17, 2022

After School Programs


A Bounty of Thanks

It's that time of year when we gather together with family both near and far, feast on delicious food, share in traditions, and are thankful. To celebrate the diversity of our students and families, try adding something new to this year's menu.