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For the Week of Nov. 16


The deadline to purchase a yearbook is December 15th. The yearbook fee is $32.00. Checks are payable to MTMS and can be dropped off in the MT Office or paid through Skyward Family Access. Please check fees in Family Access to see if you have paid for a yearbook. Any questions can be directed to Gretchen Stove

PTA Thankgiving Pie tradition will continue.

We will continue our tradition of giving a pie to every staff member at MTMS before Thanksgiving break. Please click on the link below to donate a pie.
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MTMS Activities

Girls Basketball

Nov. 17 - 7th Grade VS Turner @ Home

Nov. 17 - 8th Grade VS Turner @ Turner

Nov. 23 - 7th Grade VS Clark @ Home

Nov. 23 - 8th Grade VS Clark @ Clark in Bonner Springs

Dec. 3 - 7th Grade VS Lexington Trails @ Home

Dec. 3 - 8th Grade VS Lexington Trails @ LTMS


11/18 VS Lexington Tails at MVHS

11/23 VS Clark at District PE Center

12/2 VS Turner at Turner Middle School


11/18 by Zoom -start time 7am. More information is at the end of the Newsletter.

How to Keep Track of your Student's Assignments

Canvas: If you have not already done so, you can create a parent account in Canvas. The link below has step-by-step instructions on how to create and utilize your parent Canvas account to keep track of current and missing work.

Missing Work: When you view the gradebook in Skyward under Missing Assignments you see a list with all missing assignments from 9/9-current date. At the top you can click "Show Missing for Current Grades." This will allow you to see only missing work for 2nd Quarter.

Internet Safety-Securly App for Parents:

USD232 partnered with a web filter company, Securly, to monitor and protect our students from explicit and inappropriate content online. Parents/Guardians are also able to utilize Securly through the SecurlyHome app. You will get an alert in real time if your student attempts to visit flagged websites or searches specific flagged words. We encourage parents to utilize this app to ensure your student is safe online while at home. The link below has more information on Securly as well as instructions on how to create an account.

Wolf Track Cart

We are need of supplies for the Wolf Track Cart. The following links will take you items to purchase or can be used as guide for suggestions to donate from other sources.

We sincerely appreciate your support! - 6th – 7th – 8th

Required Paperwork for All Student Athletes

Forms that must be turned into the office

Online Athletic Registration

  • Parent Online Athletic Registration through Parent’s Skyward Family Access
  • Parent to complete Emergency Medical Information (EMA) through Skyward Family Access
  • Student Online Athletic Registration through the student's Skyward Access

Fees to be paid to tryout

  • $7.00 Catastrophic Fee – all student athletes

Fees to be paid once your child makes the team

  • Activity Participation Fee
    • 7th grade - $30.00
    • 8th grade - $35.00

Spelling Bee

Spelling bee season is here! All students, remote or in-person, are welcome to participate. The first rounds will take place in ELA classes this November. You can find lists to guide your study on the school's spelling bee website:

From Nurse K

Hello MTMS families,

As cases in Johnson County increase, I wanted to reach out to you to go over COVID information, guidelines, mitigation practices, and how you can help from the outside. Here at MTMS, we are following all distancing guidelines, wearing masks, and limiting class exposure. I am asking, pleading, to all of those that live in the community, to follow the same practices. To keep our kids in school, we need to take this pandemic seriously, and follow the guidelines set by the county and the state.

  1. Mitigation Practices - in order to decrease your risk for COVID, avoid quarantine, and help slow the spread there are 3 things you must do: WEAR a mask, distance yourself 6 feet from others, and limit your exposure to other people to less than 10 minutes. If all 3 are followed, your risk is considered very LOW.
  2. If your child displays COVID symptoms, we ask that they not come to school and be COVID tested or seen by a physician immediately. On the district website, under the Department/Health Services/COVID-19 tab, you will find all the information about symptoms and school exclusion. Please see the link here:
  3. I do have a very limited supply of COVID tests that I can use to test the students in our building. It is a saliva based PCR testing. There are specific criteria to be eligible. Here are the most important: parents will have to come to the school to sign a consent for the testing, optional remote students cannot be tested, and the student must exhibit symptoms while at school to be tested here at school. Symptomatic students who are already at home cannot come into the building to be tested.
  4. Rapid antigen testing is not accepted as a standalone test at this time, students are required to have PCR type testing completed.
  5. I have referral cards for COVID testing at the health department. It is drive-up, free, and they have been returning results in about 48 hours. The referral card essentially acts like the un-fun version of a Disney fast pass: you don’t have to schedule an appointment and can just show up at the health department any time during their testing hours. Be prepared to present the card when you arrive. These are an option for students on campus, if you cannot get the student into their pediatrician.
  6. Please be aware that if a student has a pending COVID test, they may NOT be on campus.
  7. Please contact me immediately, if there is direct exposure to a COVID positive patient or the student is COVID positive.
  8. If your student is at home and you have COVID concerns, please send me an email with information about your circumstances. If your COVID concern occurs during the evening, on a weekend or school holiday, I will follow up with you the next business day or as soon as I am able.
  9. About the contact tracing process: When I receive information about an illness that meets certain criteria, I submit a report that places that case in the contact tracing queue. Typically, cases are not assigned to the building nurse to trace and I am not notified who is assigned. After the contact tracing is complete, the tracer returns the information to the Health Services Coordinator and then she notifies the building about return dates. Tracing can often take multiple days if we are waiting for a return call or waiting on COVID test results. In summary, the process can be long and I will likely not have information that I can share with you right away.

Only with help from the surrounding community can we slow the spread. Please push through the showing your Pandemic Stamina. Continue to take precautions to protect those around you. If we slow the spread outside, it will help us keep the kids inside!!!

Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks again. Just know we are all working tirelessly to protect students and staff at MTMS.

Thanks for the support,

Theresa Koeckeritz, RN, BSN

School Nurse

Monticello Trails Middle School

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Technology Issues - Contact K12

Call K12itc at 816.382.4840

Hours: Monday - Friday 6:00am - 7:00pm

From the Nurse

To view updated Covid-19 Symptoms, click on this link:

To view updated Covid-19 information and USD 232 Covid-19 Dashboard, click on this link: