Group 13 : Boron Family

Justiin ,Anandie, Keli


Symbol B

Atomic Number 10.811

Atomic mass 13

Valence Electrons 3

Used as a rocket fuel

Joseph Louis Gay- Lussac , Louis Jacques Thenard , Humphry Davy .


Symbol Al

Atomic Number 26.982

Atomic Mass 13

Valence Electrons 3

Uses for the Aluminum is gathered from the number of sources as well as from anecdotal


Hans Christian Orsted.


Symbol G

Atomic Number 70

Atomic Mass 4.3

Valence Electrons 3

Used for gallium low melting alloy

Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran.


Symbol In

Atomic Number 49

Atomic Mass 114.818

Valence Electrons 3

Used germanium to make transistors

Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymus Richter.


Symbol Ti

Atomic Number 81

Atomic Mass 204

Valence Electrons 3

Use for thallium is for infrared light

William Crookes.

What They Have In Common

The boron family contains elements in group 13, and they all have three Valence Electrons
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