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DE Boot Camp: Engaging Students Day 3 .......................... Creating Writing Activities

Discovery Education has a great collection of Builder Tools that allow you to create a variety of different types of online activities for your students. The WRITING PROMPT BUILDER allows you to create all sorts of writing activities, evaluate them, and provide feedback to your students, all through the Discovery site.
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DE's Writing Prompt Builder

To access the Writing Prompt Builder, choose Writing Prompt Builder from the Builder Tools menu.

Creating a Writing Prompt - Step 1: Create

To begin, you'll want to CREATE A NEW WRITING PROMPT.

On the first step of the Builder -

* enter a title

* select at least one grade level

* select at least one subject area

* do not check the box at the bottom to receive email when the writing prompt is completed UNLESS you want to receive an email for every student that completes your prompt


Creating a Writing Prompt - Step 2: Build

The Writing Prompt Builder has two types of elements that you can use - resource items and text items - and you can add as many of each as you choose. Resource items can be most anything from the Discovery Library or from your own uploaded content - videos, images, audio, interactives, reading passages, etc.

To add your first resource, click EDIT on the Resource widget and find media to include, either by searching the library or by browsing your own MY CONTENT. When you find the media item you want to use, click its orange ADD+ button, then click FINISH EDITING to complete the process. To add more media, simply add another resource item and repeat the process.

You can also add as many text objects that you need - simply click in the text box, type, and format the text as desired.

Once your Writing Prompt is complete, scroll down and click SAVE AND CONTINUE

Creating a Writing Prompt - Step 3: Assign

To assign your Writing Prompt, simply choose the assign date, due date, classes and/or students that you want to assign the activity to and click SAVE AND CONTINUE.

Evaluating Writing Prompts

Just as we learned yesterday, you'll find your Discovery grade book listed as RESULTS BY CLASS (or students) under the CLASSROOM MANAGER menu

To view results for a particular assignment, click the PLUS to the far left of that assignment to expand the results to the student level. This will show you which students have submitted the assignment and the date/time submitted, as well as provide you a link to the student's completed assignment.

With the Writing Prompt, you'll have the opportunity to add your own feedback comments for your students, and then either return the prompt to the student for revision or mark it as complete.

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Today's Assignment: Create Your Own Writing Prompt

Today, I'd like you to think of a lesson topic that you'll be teaching in the next couple of months and consider a writing activity that you might use with your students in that lesson. Choose media that you'll need to accompany your writing activity, whether it is media from the Discovery Library or media that you upload from your own files, and then create and assign that activity using the Writing Prompt Builder for your students.

Bonus tip of the day! ........................................................... Make a Paper Slide Video

Paper slide videos are a really cool way to create a video in a really low tech, easy way.

  • Simply create drawings for each slide you'd like to include
  • Place the drawings on a table
  • Have one person hold a video camera, smart phone, or tablet, above the table where the drawings are in view
  • Begin recording and either narrate the slides or play a recording that goes with them, and slide the drawings along to create the video.

Want to learn more? Watch the YouTube video below.

How to make a Paper Slide Video

example student-created paper slide video

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