Martes, el veintidós de julio

Unidad 6 Lección 2

¡Enhorabuena to Anessa! She got half way through Unidad 6 before taking off for a trip this week! Way to go. AND she has left all Voiceboards to date!

She will be watching her grade go up!

Avisos: Too many students are not leaving recordings on the Voiceboard for the Hablar assignments.

If your grade is not looking good, try going in and submitting assignments that you´ve skipped. They sit there and average in as a zero when they are left undone. You can see which of your assignments are missing by opening the Grades link in the course. If there is no grade next to an assignment, it is because there has not been a submission. Those will average in as zeros. Don´t let your grade book have any zeros.

Unidad 6 Lección 2 ¿Qué comes cuando tienes hambre? ¿Qué tomas/bebes cuando tienes sed?

Click the link below for some help with stem-changing verbs, Gracias a Sra. Seymour!