Technology in the Classroom at BMS

Great ideas from your ITRT - Heidi Overfelt

Oh Boy! Snow!

Snow days are a blessing and a curse for most teachers. I don't mind the day off but it sure does mess up your lesson plans. Don't forget to sign up for equipment if your plans change!

"But I can't get the technology I want..."

Constantly BMS teachers are signing out ipads, laptops, MacBooks, computer labs... This is great, but there isn't always enough to go around. Don't forget, you can sometimes think out of the box and use the devices we have in different ways. For example, students can take an IA test using the app on the ipads. Students can take ExamView tests using the CPS clickers. They can do research using the ipods. Powerpoint is available on the MacBooks as well as Keynote for student presentations. And make sure to plan ahead!

"But I want more!!!!"

Last week Mrs. Warner wanted to know if BMS had any cameras here students could borrow to do a special project photographing types of energy found around the school. This is a great hands on lesson that shows real world application of what the students are learning in class. Unfortunately, BMS doesn't have a set of 30 cameras for her students to use. Fortunately, the county SBO does!

The BCPS Office has a list of technology that BMS teachers may borrow for up to two weeks!

Yes! If you ask me, I can bring what you need to your classroom (and help you with your lesson if you need it!)

In addition, you can get ME!

Ask me about using any of the above technology resources in your class. Not only will I bring you the devices you need, but I will be glad to help you design a lesson using the technology. And help you in your classroom! Just send me an email!

Enjoy the snow!