Croydon's History

By Sky and Jackson

Who were the original inhabitants?

The original inhabitants of Australia were the Aboriginals. In Croydon it was the Wangal people of the Dharug nation. Their every day lifestyle included the men going out fishing,hunting or building canoes or huts made out of bark. The women stayed around or near the campsite collecting various berries, grubs and herbs such as mints,bark and they used mud to connect the twigs so the huts didn't lose it's structure. Their transportation were only their own bare feet and they used to move around a lot because they thought they used all the lands resources,they left so the land could replenish. They repeatedly left their own belongings for the next tribe to use. Their music were made out of clapping sticks, their own voice and rocks as drums. One of their beliefs were the Dreamtime which included mythical creatures transforming the land such as the rainbow serpent.

Who were the first settlers, why did they move into the area and how did they live?

The first settlers were the British from the first fleet.They moved to Australia because the British jails were too full, even the hulks which were floating jails.The British settlers buillt concrete houses and farmed large masses of land for food. They wore thick cotten/silk suits and stockings (for both gendres) and also many layers of winter clothes even in the harsh Australian conditions. Some of the British weapons were pistols and muskets. Some of the British rules were very strict. You could get sentenced to death, hung until you died or you could even get flogged to death. Croydon's area was very flat and the soil was fertile. Ideal for farming.
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What are some of the major events in our area?

Some of the major events of our area are:

In 1793 Captain John Townson became the first resident in Croydon. He got a land permit of 0.4 square kilometres of land. This is a major event because he started the colony of Croydon.

In 1779 a group af Aboriginals possibly lead by Pemuway, burnt down John Townsons's house down but instead of making a new house in Croydon, he moved to Ashfield which is next to Croydon.

In 1855 the first railway in N.S.W was built. It began in Sydney (the rocks). This enabled more people to be able to travel quicker around Croydon and Australia

In 1873 the first brickyards in the area where centenary park is now on was opened. This meant that more people can earn money and jobs which ment that they could maintain their household.

What is Croydon like today?

Croydon is a very multicultural suburb with over 3561 non-Australian people. Croydon is a very residential suburb with NO factories and absolutely no radiation. Croydon has four schools: Croydon P.S, Burwood G.H.S, Holy inoccents and P.L.C.Croydon also has many parks that used to be huge brickpits were bricks came from. Centenary is a park were a lot of school kids or any kids for that matter love to kick the soccer ball around after school or have a quick game of cricket.This suburb has a shopping precinet called the strand where shops range from news agencys, restaurants and lots more.
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