Death of Marilyn Monroe

Kenzie Keller

Who, What, When, Where, Why's of the event

On August 5, 1962 movie actress Marilyn Monroe found dead in her home in Los Angeles. She was found nude, face down in her bed with the telephone in one of her hands. Empty bottles of her prescribed depression pills were scatted throughout the room. The police concluded in the investigation that her cause of death was "caused by a self administered overdose of sedative drugs and that the mode of death is probable suicide."(Welkos pg.1 Aug 5, 2005) Her death is significant because she is a major cultural icon. Monroe's death has many conspiracy theories, mostly saying that it could have been murder by whom she had love affairs with, John and/or Robert Kennedy.
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Perspective 1

Marilyn Monroe's death is a mystery to everyone. Some say that the Kennedy's killed her because of her threat to tell white house secrets. She was tossed around from John and Robert Kennedy. The men used her often and didn't have any feelings about it. She was someone who the public looked at as an idol but they looked at her like a "slut"
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Perspective 2

The police concluded at first that Monroe's death was a suicide. There were empty antidepressant pill bottles scattered around the room. She was found faced down with the telephone in her hand. There was not any water found in the room so a question raises how did she take all of the pills, another question is raised with the autopsy shows that there weren't any pills in her stomach but they were found in her blood and liver. Meaning that she didn't sallow the pills. But Monroe had struggled depression trying to meet the public's expectations.

Media Bias Explained

I think that the Kennedys had a big part in Marilyn Monroe's death. I don't think either one of them did it themselves but i do think that the Kennedy's paid someone to take care of her. The scene that the police came in on seemed to be planned and set up, her body was in the soldiers position where a normal suicide the body would be distressed and not in a perfect position. Her doctor and Monroe's long time made were at the house and were a little wrong on the time frame. At first they said they found her body at midnight and that raised a question to the police on why they were called nearly 4.5 hours later. The death of Marilyn's death raised a lot of questions to the public when her death was never questioned if it wasn't a suicide. Also when Monroe's house was being re done they found wires of microphones and cameras from the CIA.
The Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe

Criticism 1; Feminist

One criticism could against Marilyn would be Feminist criticism. Marilyn was a women who was very comfortable with her body, she presented her self as a "sexy" women to everyone. American named her Americas sweetheart, they made her feel like nothing was wrong with her, that she was flawless. That made her have issues trying to live up to Americas expectations. She was also called a "slut" and when she died some people of America just thought it was another icon that had gone crazy.

Criticism 2; Marxist

Another criticism would be Marxist criticism, the conspiracy of the Kennedy's being apart of her death. The Kennedy's were powerful people with a lot of money. Anything that they didn't want out they could just pay someone to take care of it. Marilyn's death was only a month after she was invited to sing at the Kennedy's birthday celebration. While she was having sexual relationships with both Robert and John Kennedy she learned secrets about the white house and threatened to tell everyone. Shortly after the threat she was found dead. Even though Marilyn was a very wealthy women the Kennedys overpowered her and did everything they could to hide up them even knowing her.


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