Yasmine's Reading History


Some of my favorite books include Fallen, by Lauren Kate, The Hunger Games Series, by Suzanne Collins, and The Lucky One, by Nicholas Sparks. I enjoy the genre romance and science fiction they always capture my attention and I get very interested in reading the book. My favorite author is by far Nicholas Sparks, I like how all his books are movies so I can compare them, and every girl at some point loves romance novels/movies etc. I like reading books in series so the story doesn't have to be rushed and it has time to develop and amaze me.

My Reading

My future plans for reading are to read more on my own. I know it is very important to be an active reader because it helps with a lot of things. I don't exactly consider myself a reader because I don't fully enjoy reading, I never do it without being told I do it more to get a grade or pass time every once in a while. By creating and infographic I've showed my favorite books and my thoughts on reading. Over the years teachers have encouraged me by recomending books to me that have me interested.


Bad Memories

-As a kid my mom never read to me and I never really was interested in reading.

-Going into school reading was mandatory so I had to get into it.

-Being forced to read made me hate reading, I wanted to be able to read on my own and not for a grade.

-Reading bored me and i could never get into a book.

Good Memories

-After reading throughout the years I've learned to enjoy reading.

-I usually stick to the same genre but I like to sometimes change it up.

-I can actually get into a book and love reading it now,

-I started reading on my own.