Lakeside Elementary

Just the Facts...1/4/17

Happy New Year & Welcome Back!


(Repeat Information)

Although we are changing the look of Just the Facts, we are not changing the intent or the content of the communication. We will be updating our newsletter through the use of S'more, a format you should recognize from your grade level newsletters. We are changing the platform for a couple of reasons.

  1. The use of this type of newsletter allows us to place a live link on our website for easier access.
  2. This type of newsletter is being used by each grade level or department so this update allows us to provide you with an aligned presentation campus wide.

As I said, the content will remain the same as does our goal to keep you informed of campus wide events, reminders, and updates.


Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Green for being chosen as our 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year!


There will be a PTO meeting in the Lakeside Cafe on January 9th at 8am.



(review of our Safety Drills)

I’m sure that most of you have heard of a “Fire Drill” but have you heard the term “LockDown Drill?” One of the ways we try to plan for specific situations is through our Emergency Practice Protocols. While we hope that we never have the need to put a real protocol in place we do spend some time practicing throughout the year in order to prepare our learners on how to react in various emergency situations.

*As a side note, if a True Emergency were to take place at Lakeside we would send you a Parentlink notification to make you aware that something took place. We would not necessarily announce or let you know when a practice drill took place however. I want you to be aware of this because often times a child will inform their parents that they “locked down and the police came to Lakeside” without distinguishing between a real emergency and a practice.

Here is a brief review of our drills and what our kids will hear and do during a given drill.

Lockout! (Secure the Perimeter)

  • This drill may take place if a unique situation is taking place outside of the school building (like a Coppell Coyote sighting). We will use this drill to keep our kids indoors but all classes will take place as usual.

Lockdown! (Locks, Lights, Out of Sight)

  • This drill will take place if a unique situation has entered or is taking place inside of the building. During this drill our entire campus of learners and educators are expected to move away from sight and maintain silence. Sometimes this may mean that our kids will “lockdown” in the nearest restroom or office. As we practice we will stress the importance for them to “lockdown” in the nearest space. Learners and educators can only be dismissed from this drill by a police officer or firefighter.


  • This drill is what you will relate to as a “Fire Drill.” During this drill a potential hazard (fire, gas, etc) is in the building and learners are asked to stop what they are doing, exit with their class in a safe manner, and go to a designated spot.


  • This drill is what you may know as a “Duck and Cover Drill.” During this drill learners are expected to drop to the floor in a secure location (usually an interior wall) take cover by placing their hands over their heads and wait in silence until the situation has subsided.

Some drills take place monthly and some take place quarterly. It is always our goal in a drill or in a true emergency to keep our kids safe and calm.

I hope you find this information beneficial.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Upcoming Dates (the rest of the year At-A-Glance)

*Please note dates will be added and some may be changed as necessary


2) No School

3) No School for our Learners (Teachers report for Staff Development)

4) School is back in session

6) Report Cards go home

16) No School

19) 4th grade program at 6pm


4) Lakeside Carnival

10) Valentine Parties

15) Picture day

16) NAEP testing for 4th grade

20) Staff Development Day (No kids on campus)

23) 5th grade program


2) 3rd and 4th grade field trips

9) Open House 5-7

10) Spirit Rally, End of the third nine weeks

13-17) Spring Break

24) Report Cards go home

28-29) STAAR for 4th and 5th *No visitors on campus please


3-7) Spring Book Fair

14) Weather Day (subject to change)


8-10) STAAR for 3rd-5th *No visitors on campus please

12) Longhorn Stampede

19) Field Day

29) No School

31) 5th grade graduation (subject to change)


1) Last day of School,

  • Spirit Rally
  • 5th grade walk at 12:30,
  • Early Release at 12:50,
  • Report Cards go home