Native Americans

By: Trinity St.Pierre Class Period: 6 Date: 9/23/14

Native Texan Southeastern Indian Tribes

All of these Native Americans lived in southeastern Texas, apart of the great plains region.

All specific tribes


In each tribe there was one chief that led everyone. Many of these native Americans were very literate and educated


The Comanche, Apache, and Kiowa tribes were all nomads moving from place to place from time to time.

They moved to the reservation in early 1900's.

The Comanche's were the most important tribe, and raided everyone that wasn't apart of their group.



Each tribe was divided into smaller clans and you cold not marry someone from your own clan.


In the language of their Ute neighbors the Comanche's name means enemy. They call themselves Numinu (the people).

Comparing and Contrasting culture

The cultures of American Indians in Texas prior to European colonization are slightly different. Each group wore pretty much the same thing (buffalo hide), but they had different things to like the way they got their food. The pueblonians and plains both got their food from farming, but the gulf coast group got their food by fishing, and the southeastern group hunted. They had different housing (teepees, grass huts, wood framed homes, and adobes).