Woods Weekly

Week of April 11th-15th

Classroom Happenings

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Music Program

Central's music program is this Tuesday, April 12th. It is being held in the Valparaiso High School auditorium and will begin at 7 p.m. Students need to be in their assigned seats by 6:45 p.m. With all of the practicing students have been doing, we are in for a fabulous show!

Variety Show

The Variety Show will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 15th at the Ben Franklin Middle School auditorium. Central staff members will be serving pizza at 6:00 p.m. Candy will also be for sale prior to the show and during intermission. Cash only, please! It is sure to be a great time for all!


The second portion of the ISTEP test will be held on April 26th, 27th, & 28th for 4th graders.

This portion of the ISTEP test will be online and the answers will be multiple choice. Students will be practicing the format of this test on Monday, April 11th. Please feel free to visit the link below on your own or with your child. It is the Indiana Department of Education's "Experience." The purpose of the Experience is for students, educators, parents, and community members to see how test items similar to those on the ISTEP+ Part 2 assessment are presented in the online system.



K-Kids Project:

Last week, students had the opportunity to bring in gently used books that they wanted to donate for our book swap. On Monday, April 11th through Wednesday, April 13th, students who donated books will be able to select books of their choice. The number of books they get to select is based on the number of books they donated. Please note that the selection of books available will be based on the books donated. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Sienkowski.

Multiplication Timed Tests:

Students are working on mastering their 0s through 12s. They can practice their math facts in a few different ways, such as, using: Math Facts in a Flash, xtramath.org, free apps on a mobile device, and/or flashcards. The multiplication timed tests include 20 problems, and students have 2 minutes to solve them. The tests are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Box Top Challenge

Central students are participating in a classroom competition to see which class can collect the most Box Tops for Education, and our class is off to a GREAT start! Thanks to all who have already turned in Box Tops! Let's keep up the amazing work!

Box Tops are an easy way for our school to earn money for the things that it needs. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents. To participate, here is what you need to do:

1. Buy your favorite Box Tops products

2. Cut out the Box Top from each package.

3. Tape or glue them onto the form that was sent home on Thursday, March 31st.

4. Send the completed form back to school by April 29th.

The class who collects the most Box Tops will get to choose a staff member to receive a pie in the face!

Student Council

The Backpack Project that had been held earlier in the year was such a success that Student Council is holding an encore supply drive to replenish our school food pantry before summer. The drive is currently underway and goes through Friday, April 29th.

Please consider donating:

Binders for school

Personal care items (shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste)

Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels)


Laundry soap


Dinty Moore beef stew

Ramen Noodles

Canned chicken/tuna

Granola bars


Boxed meals-Hamburger Helper/Tuna Helper

Canned fruit and veggies

NO MACARONI and CHEESE!!! We have plenty!


Our first unit in Life Science will have us exploring how animals grow and change. We will be focusing on the following skills this week:
  • chapter vocabulary
  • animal life cycles
  • complete metamorphosis
  • incomplete metamorphosis
  • inherited traits

Social Studies

Students received their chapter 3, lesson 4-7 quiz results today (Friday). They have also been entered into Skyward.

We are taking a break from social studies as we begin Life Science.


We are continuing to work on identifying author's purpose, and this week, we will be applying it to tall tales. A tall tale is an imaginative and funny story in which details and events are exaggerated. They feature a hero or heroine, who is usually based on a real person, but he or she becomes larger than life in the story.

When we apply author's purpose, we will continue to think of P.I.E.:

P = persuade (Stories include the author's opinion and reasons for it.)

I = inform (This is usually associated with nonfiction writing)

E = entertain (This is usually associated with fiction writing)


We will begin our week with learning about simplifying fractions. We will then transition into decimals. Decimal topics that we will begin covering this week include:

  • explanation of decimals
  • how to name decimals
  • writing decimals
  • comparing decimals


In our persuasive writing unit this week, we are focusing on logic and order. We want to make sure that we have support when we take a stand on a topic. Then, we want to make sure that we present it in a logical way that is easy for our reader/audience to follow.

Spelling: (Unit 8, Week 2)

The Core Words are guaranteed to be on Friday's spelling test. I will also choose 10 of the Test Words to include on the spelling test. Students can practice this week's words by going onto spellingcity.com.

Core Words

  1. screech

  2. cough

  3. phrase

  4. elephant

  5. orphan

  6. pouch

  7. shipping

  8. tough

  9. taught

  10. photograph

Test Words

  1. shower

  2. brought

  3. accomplish

  4. hyphen

  5. spinach

  6. physical

  7. charming

  8. nephew

  9. shutter

  10. phonics

  11. pharaoh

  12. enough

  13. daughter

  14. phantom

  15. chopstick

Important Dates to Remember:

April 8th: Movie Night at Central at 6:30pm

April 12th: Central's Music Program at VHS Auditorium at 7pm

April 15th: Variety Show at Ben Franklin Middle School at 6:30pm

April 18th: PTA Meeting at 6:30pm

April 21st: Noodles Restaurant Night between 5:00-9:00pm

April 22nd: Make-up Snow Day

April 29th: Harlem Wizards at VHS Gymnasium from 5:30-9:00pm

Specials and Lunch/Recess Schedule

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Music and Gym

Wednesday: Music and Gym

Thursday: Computers

Friday: Art

Lunch: 12:20-12:50

Recess: 12:50-1:20


If you would like to set up a conference with me to discuss your child's progress, please email or call me.