M-PESA 2.0

Whats New about it!

Key Features

 •Cross-Navigation : Options to navigate across screens which enhances the customers experience. Option to go back to the Main menu (#) or Previous menu (*) – Currently, not there in all the menu flow•Edit InputsOption to “Change” the key inputs entered on some screens by selecting “99” and going back to same input screenBenefit – Customers do not have to perform the entire procedure again as he had to exit the USSD session•User InputsReal time input validations for Biller credentialsBenefit – To indicate to customers the expected input (e.g. Reliance Energy consumer ID: 10 digit numeric e.g. 1234567899)•On- Screen Status view (wherever available, i.e.  not all partners give a response on the status)On-screen confirmation message before getting the SMS•Label ChangesRenaming of Labels for better customer understanding