Meredith & Claire

Georgia's attraction

Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

1.Tybee Island is located in Chatham Country Georga 2.Tybee has a population of 3,700 people. 3.Tybee Tybee Island has a light house. There was a tride called Euchee. 4.There was a tribe called Euchee.

World of Coca-Cola

 1.World of Coca-Cola is located in Atlanta Georg 2.The museum let more than nine million visitors come. 3. It is Atlanta's most visited indoor attraction. 4.There is a Coca-Cola bottle in Turner field.

Pebble Hill

1. Pebble Hill is located in Thom Asville Georga. 2.We were unable to find crop. 3.Colonia Nathaniel J. Scott built Pebble Hill in 1847.

Stone Mountin

1.Stone Montin is located in Stone Mountin,Geogia 2.It is more than 5 miles long. 3.This is a civil war site because it has the carving of Confederate Civil War leaders.
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