Americans Teens Lie, Cheat, & Steal

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Important Quotes

An important quote from this article is where the author states that the "results paint a troubling picture of our future politicians and parents, cops and corporate executives, and journalists and generals." This quote is important because it shows that our generation has become more troubling than before, this could affect their future.

Another important quote from the article is that thirty percent of surveyed students "admitted stealing from a store withing the past year." this quote is important because it explains that a large amount of students have stolen from stores. This percent could increase over time.

Important Vocabulary

Cheating- 64% of students admitted to cheating.

Lying- 42% of students were caught or admitted to lying.

Stealing- many students almost 30% admitted to stealing.

Survey- this survey actually made the students admit that they've stolen, cheated, and lied.

Main Idea of Article

The main idea of this article is that many American teenagers have stolen lied, and cheated how will this shape our future since these teenagers will be parents and have important jobs in the future.

Author's Purpose

The author's purpose is to inform that American students have been lying, cheating, and stealing and many have admitted to it. He wants for you to question how our future will become since these teenagers will soon be parents and have jobs.