Hippies of the 1960's

Drugs, Clothing and School


Many different drugs became popular including LSD, and Marijuana. LSD was made in 1938 and was not discovered to be hallucinogenic until 1943. When the doctor accidentally consumed some. The counterculture used this most to escape the problems of the world. Marijuana was also used to get a good buzz and relax from the stresses that everyone faced everyday. It did not give you the same affects as acid, weed is a less strong drug so most people used a lot when doing drugs.

School during the 1960's

College campuses became sites where many protests happened. Many kids grew up during the Vietnam war which caused mixed emotions for war and over many topics. These teens revolted and many went off on their own and joined groups of people in neighborhoods and lived on their own.


Being a teenager I know how it is to feel pressure on what to do and how to act. Most of the hippies had a reason to go on their own because of watching the war happen and the world changing. I also learned that drugs were way different than they are now for good and bad. LSD was a drug that you could never come out of that is why is has died out because many people stuck in their trip. Also weed was not mixed with anything is was just weed that was used for a little buzz. Now a days gets use it and don't even know what is in it.