Miss Krueger's Kindergarten

October 9th, 2015

Smokey the Bear

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On Monday, Smokey the Bear came to visit the elementary classes. The students learned valuable lessons on what they can do to prevent wildfires. They were even lucky enough to get to take some awesome Smokey the Bear swag home.

iPads and Reading Eggs/Mathseeds

We were fortunate enough to get 5 new iPads in our classroom! The students loved working on these. I introduced them to two new programs: Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. Last years class loved these and I think they will also!

Here is the log-in, so they can use it at home.

Username: child'snamecf (Example: amandacf)

Password: 1234

Log in to the link below and then they can select to play either Reading Eggs or Mathseeds.

You can also download the Reading Eggs (includes Mathseeds) app on IOS (Apple) devices. Android devices currently do not have an app, but you can still run it on a tablet or phone's web-browser.


This week, our theme was nocturnal animal. We read Stellaluna and Nightsong, books about our favorite nocturnal animal - bats! We compared the two characters and books and created a Venn Diagram.

We added our last component to Daily 5, Work on Writing. This is a time for students to use writing prompts and go back to add details to their writing from writing workshop.

We continued to work on their phonemic awareness skills during the mini-lessons.

Our words were "a" and "like" and they practiced writing the letter "Pp"

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As I've said before, we have some amazing illustrators in our class! The next step in the writing process is to put down as many of the sounds that they can hear on to their paper.
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Our important question this week has been: Why are numbers so important? They tell you how many! They have been doing a wonderful job using ten frames and making sure to fill in the first row first.

Theme: Nocturnal Animals

The classes started out by thinking of what animals are awake and only come out at night. We read all about owls and bats. They came home with diagrams and a book of each animal. They were first introduced to a Venn Diagram to compare bats and owls.

Today, the students completed a nocturnal and diurnal (awake during the day) animal sort. We wrapped up the mini-unit watching "The Magic School Bus Going Batty" episode.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thanks to those who popped in!

I look forward to seeing all of you at the November 12th conferences. We have PALS testing next week, so I can share with you those results at that time.

Upcoming Dates

October 21st - Scholastic Book Orders Due

October 28th - Halloween Celebration

October 28th – Halloween Parade @ 1PM

October 29th & 30th – NO SCHOOL

November 6th - End of 1st Quarter

November 11th - Veterans Day Program

November 12th - Parent Teacher Conferences (4-8PM)

Next Week

  • PALS Testing
  • Letter Nn
  • Sight Words: me, to