Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

Danielle Farleigh

Bill Robinson (1878-1949) and the Harlem Renaissance

Bill Robinson performed in night clubs, vaudeville, motion pictures, and on Broadway. He was one of the first African American entertainers and he show cased the talents that people didn't think African Americans had. He performed in the musical movies of "The Little Colonel", "The Littlest Rebel", "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm", and "Just Around the Corner". He also performed in the Broadway musicals of "Black Birds of 1928", "Brown Buddies", "Blackbirds of 1933", "The Hot Mikado", "All in Fun", and "Memphis Bound". He was important during the Harlem Renaissance because he performed on Broadway which was mostly dominated by whites. He resented the racism that he faced. He affected his community by creating new opportunities for African Americans through performances and songs. If this person was never born there may not have been some opportunities that he helped for African Americans. Bill Robinson taught me to work hard no matter what others think of you.

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