SRV awsomenss


Hi my name is Steve Ray Vaughan. I’m famous because I wrote and played many songs like pride and joy, little wing, and Rood Mood. I was born on October 3rd in Dallas Texas. When I was younger I watched my parents dance to western swing which got me into music. I taught myself guitar from listing to many blues artists. I dropped out of high school and moved to Austin when I was 17 to purge my music career. When I was a grownup I recorded an album with David Bowie and our Just Dance song was #1 in country and that song helped me get my name out there. I also went on to record a total of 18 albums and I toured all over the world. My music was so good that I won a total of 6 Grammys. Another interesting thing about me is I loved I mean LOVED Jimmy Hendrix and he was a huge influence on my music. I passed away on august 27 1990 in East Troy Wisconsin in a helicopter crash but my legacy still lives on.

Stephen Ray Vaughan was born on October 3rd 1954 as a kid Steve was shy and uncomfortable. When he was a kid he and his older brother Jimmie Ray Vaughan began to play to play guitar when they got small junky guitars .They would listen to their in fluencies like Albert king, B.B King, and Freddie King and other Artists like Ray Benson, and Willie Nelson .And used their ear to find the notes to play. Steve moved to Austin Texas in 1971 after dropping out of high school. He wanted to get away from his parents and start a music career. He had taught himself to play guitar he also knew how to play bass, drums, piano, and he was a singer songwriter. In Austin Steve formed a band named triple threat Venue Witch was later changed to Double Trouble after a 1900s blues artist Otis rush. He won 6 Grammy awards and 10 Austin music awards Steve had a bad habit of alcohol and drugs through the mid 80s but he went into rehab and was drug free for the rest of his life. Steve did many albums like Texas Flood, couldn’t stand the weather, Soul to Soul, Family style, the sky is crying [Witch was released posthumously ]. Vaughan played blues, rock, blues rock, Electric blues Texas blues, and jazz blues. He died tragically on August 27 1990 in East Troy Wisconsin in a helicopter crash.