Agriculture around the world

japan v.s America

agriculture: the process of makeing food, shelter and clothing.

japan is located south east of russia, korea and china. they have a population of 127.6 million people.there government is constitutional monarchy with a poverty level of 15.9%. The agancy simular to usda is fas. 47% of their students earn a degree.The average family consists of 4 to 3 people with an income of 20,00$. the popular religions are shinto, buddhism and christianity. All though they have a problem with animal cruelty and there are many animal rights, it is not a priority. The economy is shophisticated and consistant but very competitive. Japan has advanced technology.

America vs. Japan

common crops in Japan are rice, wheat and oats. Like japan america has wheat but also cotton and corn. Their farming and ranching styles are somewhat simular to ours. They have different types of cattle than we do. The japanese, unlike us, eat with chopsticks. Rice and noodles is a common part of their meals. Their cattle also consists of different breeds.