Guatemala Vacation

In Guatemla City

Guatemala Overview

Guatemala City is located in the south central area of Guatemala. The population there is 14,373,472 today. The native languages in Guatemala City are 27 Mayan languages including Spanish. The first people in Guatemala were Mayan people in 2000BC through 900AD. Then Guatemala was conquered by a Spanish conquistador in 1524. Guatemala became a republic in 1839 after the united provinces had fallen. Guatemala City gained independence from Spain in 1821. Guatemala's Independence Day is September, 15.

Facts about Guatemala City are that more than half of Guatemala's people are indigenous to Mayan people. Also, the very first chocolate bar was invented in the Mayan times. Another thing is that the highest point in Guatemala is Tajumulco volcano reaching 4,220ft.


1 person-$698

4 people-$2,792

It would cost about $2,792 for a family of 4 to fly to Guatemala City. You will be leaving in Little Rock, Arkansas to go to Guatemala City, Guatemala.