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The central theme of the book of mice and men is loneliness. This is my opinion because there were a lot of sad parts and characters in this book. For example candy’s dog being killed. Candy is and old peaceful man that loved his dog that he had since it was a pup. After the kill his dog you can see the reaction candy feels and it seems to have loneliness. Another example is curly wife as she’s always caged inside the house not allowed to go or to speak to anyone. It’s not natural to keep a human locked away from society. Every time she comes out she sounds desperate for attention always trying to get in people’s business or flirting. She even threaten to get crooks fired for not speaking to her. Although everyone looked at her as if she was some kind of hoe she was still a young lady still growing up. Also crook has had loneliness as Lennie walks into crook’s dorm he tries to put Lennie down saying George is never gone come back and that Lennie is such a retarded. This causes Lennie to get mad and hit crooks. At the end of the movie it seems George encounters loneliness while he’s on the bus thinking about the times he had with Lennie after he killed him. So there’s a lot of loneliness in this book but it’s what also made the book so good.



A Manipulator is a person deceit to get what he wants

William Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesar, Cassius and Mark Antony both are manipulator before and after the death of Caesar as they attempt to take over Rome.

The way Cassius is a manipulator is he targets Brutus knowing the people of Rome would never make him leader after the death of Caesar. So why not target Caesar’s right hand man known as the most loyalist person in Rome the great Brutus. Cassius uses flattery to inspire Brutus’s willingness to join the conspiracy of killing Caesar. Cassius manipulates Brutus by writing forge letters as if the letters have come from different citizens that are worried about about Caesar's power. Cassius leaves the letters for Brutus to find because he knew Brutus love for Rome would make him change. He tells Brutus that Caesar is just as human as everyone else. By doing this they kill Cesar witch helps Cassuis take over Rome kinda.

Marc Antony also was a manipulator towards the crowd, as he appear to Caesar funeral with the actual body of Caesar. He goes last to say he farewell. Antony did not have no part of killing Caesar showing everyone the stab marks of Caesar robe to the crowd. He has a dramatic scene saying (THIS IS THE MOST UNKINDEST CUT OF ALL) as Brutus stabs and killed Caesar how could the loyalist man of all of Rome do such a thing. Also Marc Antony takes this very thesis of Brutus's speech.” Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” (Shakespeare Act 2). As Antony goes through his speech he continuously uses verbal irony when referring to Brutus as an “honorable man”.